Job creation in South Africa

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Work Needed!

It could be any day of the week, rain or shine. My to-do-list and required materials synced, effortlessly, to Evernote (a match made in heaven with my iPhone).

My mind is focused on the chores at hand and the delivery deadline I have undertaken on this particular Saturday morning. I make a right turn into the street where this monalithic yellow and black warehouse sits in relavtive splendour.



But before I set foot into this wonderland, or 'Dischem for men' as my brother in law calls it, my eyes are assaulted by the line, many men deep. Tradespeople who are showcasing their skills in desperate need of regular work.

I wish I could provide the opportunities for each of them.

I wish I could find a way to marry our incesant desire to maintain our homes with the never-ending need for work that our country houses.

Oh wait, I can. The Home Hub is, in essence, an opportunity for us as South Africans to create and satisfy the desperate need for job creation.


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